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5 types of breakfast not good for weight loss after birth

Skipping breakfast or having breakfast but in an inappropriate way will make it hard to get your weight under control. To take back the slender shape after childbirth, you should avoid the following 5 types of breakfast.

Have only fruits, vegetables and juices for breakfast:

Fruits and vegetables contain a great amount of fiber, which help reduce weight effectively. The sugar in fruit is easily absorbed so it can provide energy directly to the organs in the body; however, it cannot suffice the energy needed for the morning. Loads of mothers usually go on a diet with wholly fruits, vegetables and juices for breakfast. This way of eating provides a lot of calories but makes you hungry sooner, leading to the tendency to eat more at lunch and dinner, the results of which is to increase fat accumulation in the long run.

5 types of breakfast not good for weight loss after birth

Breakfast is enormously important; therefore, you should eat a full range of nutrients and drink a glass of juice.

Have Western-style breakfast:

Many moms often eat hamburgers, fried chicken wings, French fries, etc. in the morning. Be that as it may, the western-style breakfast dishes make you buildup more energy. Colossal amount of oil is used in processing hamburger, chicken wings and French fries make them unhealthy for your body. Overeating will lead to obesity.

5 types of breakfast not good for weight loss after birth

You can choose to have breakfast in Western style, but complement it with a lot of fruit, vegetables or soup to maintain nutritional balance. But nonetheless, you should have a reasonable amount, do not eat too much.

Eating instant noodles:

Instant noodle is the favorite breakfast for a number of people. Although the dish is delicious, quickly and easily prepared, it is a kind of fried foods with high fat content, which will be “stagnated” in your body. The soup powder in most noodle packages contains monosodium glutamate, which may be harmful to health if consumed in great amount. Moreover, a breakfast with noodles has no vegetables in it, which will not provide vitamins and fiber, can result in constipation.

5 types of breakfast not good for weight loss after birth

You can still eat noodles in the morning, but instead of using the packed soup powder and paste, use your own seasoning. In addition, you should eat more vegetables and fruit to increase the fiber intake as well as limit fat.

Eat cakes and sweets:

Some mothers often choose to eat biscuits, chocolate, cakes, etc. for breakfast. However, this kind of breakfast is not good at all. Confectionery is mainly dry food; meanwhile, our body was in a state of dehydration in the morning, so if you eat dry food, it will hamper your digestion and absorption.

5 types of breakfast not good for weight loss after birth

Confectionery can provide energy for the body instantly, but it also make you feel hungry quickly, especially around noon, when blood sugar levels fall. The consequence is that you crave for foods rich in energy, including fat at the next meal, and there may be little chances for you to consume the fat consumption completely. Also, breakfast with sweetened food can lead to nutritional deficiencies and physical decline.

To lose weight effectively, you should choose foods that are easy to digest and drink plenty of water for breakfast.

Eating fried foods:

Breakfast with fried foods will cause you to gain weight quickly. Because fried foods contain high amount of fat, eating much of them will make the fat accumulate in the body. Besides, while being fried, they absorb a considerable amount of oil, which destroys the nutrients and produces some types of carcinogens. Therefore, long term consumption of this food is absolutely harmful.

5 types of breakfast not good for weight loss after birth

You should only eat fried foods once to twice a week, and should accompany them with vegetables or fruits for a balanced diet.

In order to quickly regain a slender body, the mothers should pay great attention to the diet, because after birth, the body still requires a variety of nutrients and calories. You need to follow a reasonable diet, exercise and play sports every day and live a healthy lifestyle.