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Before a big event, What you should do to lose weight fast

If your big day is fast approaching, it is your wedding, your graduation, prom night, or even your birthday or all you have is less than a month. Don’t panic, don’t get stressed out because what I want to share with you today is top 10 tips to help you to lose weight fast and help you feel good for your big day. These tips will help you to reduce bloating and avoid water retention which is holding on all of the weight in our body.

First tip is to cut down on gas producing food which causes bloating and the unpleasant smell that mean no broccoli, no cauliflower, no soda drink, which also mean no diet soda and no dairy and milk products for those of you who are lack of intolerance.

The second tip is to cut down on salt intake. Too much salt in your diet causes water retention, which also stop your body from losing weight. So that means no prepackaged food, no processed food, and no junk food. Those contain really high calories which mean eat clean and vegan.

The third tip is something we hear which is to reduce carbohydrates intake. Because one gram of carbs can hold on 4-5 grams of water, so if you really want to take carbs, reduce on portion size and only have it during breakfast time. So only have the carbs in very small portion and breakfast not throughout the day.

what you should do to lose weight before big eventThe next tip, instead of having too much carbs incorporate food with diuretic property which mean food that will help you get rid of extra water in your body which cause water retention. That means leafy vegetables and fruits for example lettuce, carrot, tomato, lemon and so on. As for drink, you should drink what contains diuretic property including coffee, apple cider vinegar, and green tea. If you can drink a cup of green tea every morning before you start your day, it will help to get rid of excess water in your body.

Tip number five is to drink lots of water throughout the day. I am talking about up to 2.5 litters of water. Because water help to detox your body and it also help flush out all the sodium in your body. So what I tend to do is I tend to drink about half a liter of water in the start of my day. I always carry this bottle with me wherever I go and try to finish one bottle every 3-4 hours. There is nothing better than drink lots of water to help you cleanse your body. So it is time to drink water.

The next tip is to cut down on your red meat. Because our body find it is very difficult to digest red meat. Instead, replace them with chicken, very good source of protein, fish, and eggs. And if you are vegetarian, go for tofu. It is easy for your body to digest and make you fell lighter as well.

The next tip is something a litter bit strange but it works for me. It is basically snack on the white of boiled egg. Whenever you fell hungry, snack on half white egg. Because it contains lots of protein and it keeps you satisfied for much longer. It has been proven that people who have two white half boiled egg in the morning tend to lose more weight and who just doesn’t have. So pack it in your purse and snack on whenever you feel hungry.

Tip number eight is not something I want to hear and I don’t think you want to hear it as well. So get rid of the alcohol consumption completely. That only alcohol contains high calories but it also causes your face to be puffy and your stomach to be bloated, especially beer, cider because of the amount of gas it has. So it is time to lay off the boo.

The next point is not a tip, it is a command. I command you to get enough of rest and sleep every day. I want you to grasp a favorite pillow and get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep. If you get enough of sleep, it will help you to reduce the stress level and to suppress hunger. If you don’t get enough of sleep, you will feel more stress out and it will increase the appetite which leads on putting on weight and eating more. So get enough of sleep.

And my last tip is to get enough of exercise almost every day. I know you are busy with all preparation that is happening. Try to exercise in 10-15 minutes of intense workout every day. Trust me, you will thank me for a million times because it will help you feel good, look good and you will fit into the dress that you always wanted.

Remember that all these tips are quick tips to help you to look good and feel good on your special day in a short period of time. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, it is very important to eat clean, have enough of rest every day and to exercise regularly. There is no shortcut. So please take a look at all information in this website for more nutrition tips.