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Can a Cookie Promote Weight Loss

Each day, in the United States, millions of American adults succumb to the urge to eat complex carbohydrates. From bread to crackers, from cake to cookies.

For many overweight adults, fighting the urge to eat sweet complex carbohydrates means the difference between significant weight loss with improved health and chronic weight gain leading to obesity. Weight loss, for many adults, unfortunately can be a mundane experience which often leads to many obese American adults to struggle in maintaining a diet or healthy eating lifestyle.

For those American adults experiencing the struggle in control over complex carbohydrates, a new diet phenomenon is making waves across the dieting community. Known as the Cookie Diet, the urge to resist complex carbohydrates, in the form of cookie, is made simple through the consumption of a low carb cookie option intended to suppress appetite and, therefore, assist obese Americans in the never ending quest to shed extra pounds. So, is consuming a cookie all that is needed to control weight?

Can a Cookie Promote Weight Loss

Under the Cookie Diet program, obese American adults are offered an opportunity to consume specially prepared cookies along with one meal per day; dinner. Originally developed by Dr. Sanford Siegel, the appetite suppressing cookie, on the Cookie Diet, are designed to contain significant health conscious ingredients including oats, whole wheat flour and bran. With flavors limited to coconut, raisin and chocolate, the cookies, reportedly, are not excessively flavorful and may lead may Cookie Diet consumers to fall from the program simply based on lack of taste satisfaction.

With the progression of the Cookie Diet in his local weight management clinics, Dr. Siegel has since discontinued his personal offering and promotion of the Cookie Diet program. However, several weight loss and weight management programs across the United States offer the Cookie Diet as part of the weight loss program. Offering five to six cookies per day, coupled with a lean six ounce serving of meat and one cup of vegetables, obese Americans are looking to the Cookie Diet as an option to lose weight, effectively, in a short period of time.

As with most dietary programs, especially that promoting weight loss, consulting a healthcare professional before beginning the program is crucial. Because the cookies, on the Cookie Diet, contain high levels of saturated fats, lending a concern to potential health risks for those individuals who are obese and suffer from a co morbid cardiovascular complications.

Beyond cardiovascular complications, patients suffering from thyroid disorders, oddly enough, find the Cookie Diet as an option to determine if they truly suffer from said thyroid disorder or possibly another health complication. Under the Cookie Diet, caloric intake is limited to 800 calories per day; enough to determine if the thyroid can boost or activate metabolism. However, for many obese Americans, consuming a limited 800 calories per day is quite challenging.

Can a Cookie Promote Weight Loss

Weight loss, in most patients using the Cookie Diet, are reported to be approximately 15 pounds per month; far from a healthy weight loss. However, for patients considering a surgical procedure or other potentially complex health condition, this 15 pound weight loss may provide the difference between health and continued complications. As a result, only those patients who are in a desperate need for such a speedy weight loss should consider using the Cookie Diet.

For the general American population, seeking to lose weight effectively and safely, consuming, on average, 1,000 to 1,200 calories per day is optimal. However, even selecting foods based on an 800 calorie diet is possible and will provide for a more pleasant dieting experience with vegetable and fruit selections. Ultimately, the Cookie Diet is effective for those who simply can not resist the complex carbohydrates and, therefore, struggle with weight loss.