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Can You Burn Body Fat With Weights?

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If you have ever asked someone to explain how to burn body fat, the chances are slim that weight training came up in the list of responses.

But body fat is indeed one of the first things to go into overdrive when weight training is used consistently and properly.

In fact, resistance training has been clinically proven across many scientific research studies to be highly effective for burning body fat – even more than cardiovascular exercise!

While there are many forms of weight based training, the specific form you should be looking at for burning body fat is known as H.I.R.T.

Before you go to the gym with ideas of lifting light weights for millions of reps in a Body Pump class, it’s important to understand that high intensity resistance training does not involve going light at all. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult weight lifting protocols in existence today. But that also makes it one of the most effective.

Believe it or not, fat is not the primary fuel used during a resistance based workout when it is done with correct levels of resistance. The process of fat burning we are hoping to help you generate here actually uses carbohydrates as it’s main fuel.

Do not let that fact fool you.

The whole process is known as E.P.O.C. or the after burn effect. By using carbs to fuel our hard gym work, the body then becomes very protective of our few remaining carb stores while we refuel after a workout. But it must burn something in order to help the body continue to function. That’s when we switch to losing body fat!

By training so hard we use carbs as our primary fuel in the gym, we allow ourselves the luxury of using fat as our primary fuel for up to sixteen hours after we finish training! That’s considerably more fat than we could burn if we stayed at a low intensity and used it as our primary fuel source while training.

Wondering how to encourage more fat loss by adopting this training approach with your existing fitness routine?

While the fat burning process your body endures may sound complex, the training style is certainly not. Take a look how most people use weights in your local gym and you will see how many people are missing out on potentially incredible results by taking too much rest, talking in groups between sets, and so on. That’s normal gym practice.

If fat loss is your goal, though, high intensity training will trump the old bodybuilding approach every single time.

Put two or even four exercises together into a series of mini circuits throughout your workout. Avoid performing single set exercises followed by two minutes checking your phone or updating your social media status. Perform exercises back-to-back without rest, reducing your workload time but improving your productivity.

Studies confirm that not only is H.I.R.T. great for fat loss, it is even superior to aerobic cardio exercise. Given that this is by far the most popular training method in mainstream gyms today, there are a lot of people reading this article who will have just discovered valuable new training information. Have fun implementing it.