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Four Great Truths about Weight Loss

1. Diets Work, but Only Temporarily

If you have ever tried to lose weight, then you know exactly how this story goes. You start a new diet highly motivated and excited. You follow your diet plan to the tee and very quickly you lose your first 10 pounds. You are ecstatic because finally you found something that really works. You continue following your plan, but it gets harder. After a month you weigh yourself and to your horror, you have only lost 1 pound! You are devastated. “How could this be” you wonder. “Am I doing something wrong?” The answer is YES! The thing that you are doing wrong is dieting.

Four Great Truths about Weight Loss

You see, most diets don’t work because they are unrealistic and impossible to maintain. The weight that you lost in the begining of the diet was only water weight. Instead of setting yourself up for failure by going on a diet, try changing your eating habits. You know what foods are healthy and which ones aren’t, so eat more of the healthy ones. You don’t have to deprive your self from the brownies, cookies, and candies, but you do have to set limits. Also make a substitution list of healthy snacks you can swap for a sugary treat. This combined with exercise will help you to obtain your goal, not overnight, but in a healthy way. And more: Diets Don’t Work, but You Can Still Lose Weight

2. Weight Loss is Just as Mental as it is Physical.

Four Great Truths about Weight Loss
Weight loss is an everyday battle. You have to constantly motivate yourself in order to stay on track. Some days are easy for you, and others are so bad that you may want to forget the whole thing. In order to lose weight and win the battle, you must learn to control your mind. You can start by making yourself believe that you can do it no matter what. This is really hard to do when the scale isn’t budging, but even on those days you have to stay positive. Motivation is one of the most important tools for weight loss success. In the beginning of a weight loss journey motivation comes easily and freely, but after a while it gets harder to keep your motivation high. Here are a few ways to keep yourself motivated on those days you feel like giving up.
1) Cut out photos of celebrities who have the body type you are working towards and post them on the fridge or mirror. Go even further and cut out your head and tape it to their body so that you can visualize yourself at your goal.
2) Write down your goal weight and post it on your bathroom mirror. Now everyday that will be one of the first things you see. This should help to keep that goal weight on your mind all day.
3)When your motivation gets really low, go to youtube.com and look at other people’s weight loss stories (Read more: My success weight loss journey). These stories are so motivational because they help you to see others who have won the battle that you are fighting and it makes you feel like you can do it too.
4) Buy something in the size that you wish to be. Try this item on every week until you can fit it. Spending money should motivate you to lose the weight so that you can fit your item.

3. Weight Loss Takes Hard Work and Dedication .

Four Great Truths about Weight Loss
The saying “no pain no gain” is so true when it comes to weight loss, but not in the literal sense. Losing weight is hard because you have to really workout in order to see results. You can’t just take a stroll around the block and expect to the pounds to melt away. In order to lose weight you must make your workout count. You need at least 30 minutes of intense cardio 5 days a week in order to see a change in your body. Also realize that the more weight you lose, the harder you will have to exercise in order to keep losing. Whatever you put into your workout is what you will get out of it. Hard workout = Hard body

4. Changing Your Weight can Change Your Life .

Four Great Truths about Weight Loss
Losing weight can really change a person. It can make a person more confident, more outgoing, and more daring. Weight loss can also make you a harder worker. Sometimes when you lose a lot of weight, you feel like you can accomplish anything , and you can. It’s sad, but sometimes not everyone in your world will be happy for your weight loss. There are countless stories of people who not only lost weight, but they also lost a friend or boyfriend do to their weight loss. This is not meant to discourage you, but to make you aware of the changes that can occur in your life. To prevent this, make sure you surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Also make sure that when you reach your goal, that you don’t change into an over confident person who puts other people down.
Good luck with your journey and always remember that “slow and steady wins the race”.