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Keynotes for weight loss workout in summer

Summer is an ideal time for weight loss workout. Dry weather makes you feel better while doing exercises. Especially, summer workout can burn more calories through sweat.

However, hot weather and high humidity can make you sick and face danger if you practise wrong workout methods.
If you choose summer to be your time for losing weight, the following keynotes are useful for your exercise schedule.


Summer sunlight contains a lot of UVB rays and ultraviolet rays in comparison with other time. If you choose outdoor exercises such as jogging, biking or swimming, you should do it before 08:00 AM and after 04:00 PM. In those times, the sunlight doesn’t harm your skin. In addition, workout before 08:00 AM will provide a lot of vitamin D for your body which is helpful for the development of bones and prevention of skin cancer.


Depending on each workout, you can decide how much time for it. For example, the time for jogging and swimming is from 60 to 90 minutes. Because these sports burn more calories than walking and rowing, etc, some people think that the more workouts, the better you are. However, overdoing will harm your cardiovascular system and blood pressure. Especially, summer workout time needs to be shorter than time in other seasons. Because the amount of calories extracted through sweat is much larger in comparison with it in winter and autumn with the same workout time.

Drinking enough water

Don’t forget to drink even when you are swimming

Don’t forget to drink even when you are swimming

Summer is so hot and dry that your body is easy to be dehydrated, especially in workout. You should avoid it because dehydration will lead to faint, tiredness and less effective workout. You should constantly drink enough water to maintain health and speed up metabolism and calories burning. Don’t forget to drink even when you are swimming!

Avoiding cold things right after doing exercises.

You should not do that right after doing exercises in summer even take a cold shower. In summer, body temperature highly and rapidly increases. When you take a cold shower right after workout, your skin holes quickly shrink and it causes body’s organs disorder, unusual temperature adjustment of brain. All of these problems lead to sickness. You should limit some cold drinks, cold fruits to maintain your good health and weight loss effectiveness.