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Lose Belly Fat in Minutes with Interval Training

You have probably seen the commercials that promise that you can lose belly fat in just minutes with very little effort.

A commercial that I have been seeing here lately is the Nordic Track commercial in which it claims that you can lose weight in less time walking on their patented treadmill than a regular one. Which brings me to the question, can you lose belly fat in minutes? Would it take more time to lose weight? How much time should your workout last to lose fat? Can a five minute workout routine be good enough to make you lose weight? In this article, I will attempt to unravel these questions to give you the answers.

Can You Lose Belly Fat in Minutes?
The short answer is yes…but the minutes we are talking about are probably more than the time most of us would be willing to invest in. Most researchers now agree that if you want to lose weight, then you will need to put in at least 30 minutes a day of walking every day. But the reality is that you can do less minutes if your workout is challenging and intense enough to warrant it.


Just to illustrate, a person who walks on a treadmill for an hour will be lucky to lose 500 calories. A person who runs intervals for thirty minutes will lose the same amount in half the time. A person who can pack in 4 miles in 32 minutes can expect roughly a 600 calorie deficit.

And with interval training, it gets a little more interesting. Because you are running hard for your hard interval, you are going to challenge more muscles to work in unity. This will include your abs and lower back, you legs and even your shoulders and arms. And since interval training is both aerobic and anaerobic, your body will still be burning calories long after your work out ends.

How much time should your workout last to lose fat?
Intensity of the workout is more important than the length of your workout. You can get far more done and lose more belly fat by going at an intensive pace than if you were to walk for an hour.

Can a 5 minute workout routine be good enough to help you lose weight?
Good enough?…maybe. After all, any exercise is good. But if this is your intent, understand that if you don’t put in the work, you won’t reap the benefits of weight loss and that belly fat you are carrying around will likely be there longer.

All of this said, the big secret to losing weight isn’t how often you work out as some people believe. The biggest secret is diet and proper nutrition. If you can pry yourself away from that bag of doritos and coke and replace it with good, nutritious things like almonds, fruit and water, then you will see the weight come off faster than if you were to simply increase your workout intensity and eat the same old bad junk.

Additionally, unless you are extremely overweight or obese, you may not see much change at all for a while. This is normal and the thing to bear in mind is that if it took you a year to gain 20 pounds, then a good goal would be to drop the weight slowly over the next year.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Lose Belly Fat
Probably the most important thing you can do is to follow a good, clean diet. If you take into account all the junk that enters your body (even the “fat free” yogurt is junk) like mayo, ketchup, bread ect….then you should understand why we are in the middle of a fat epidemic. If you want to lose weight and lose the belly fat, then you should be considering Diet and nutrition first.

As far as exercising goes, intensity matters. The more intense you can go, the more you will challenge your body to surpass plateaus and peaks that come with work outs. How intense? You exercise routine should be intense enough for you do it for at least 20 minutes but not so intense that you run out of gas after 10.

Should You Weigh Yourself as a way to measure success?
While everyone gets excited about losing a pound or two on the scale, understand that our weight can fluctuate wildly over the course of a day. You may weigh yourself in the morning and find yourself 5 pounds lighter than the night before. A better barometer of success when it comes to weight loss is to have a fat analysis done (you can have it done at practically any gym) before you go on a diet plan and then have a weekly or bi weekly test done to measure how much fat you are losing.

You may be losing fat and not lose weight. The good news is that the more fat you lose, the more fit and healthy you are. There have been a lot of cases where someone doesn’t drop any weight or maybe just a pound or two but winds up lowering their fat percentage significantly.

The bottom line is if you are losing belly and body fat, then you are doing pretty well for yourself….and that is one thing that the standard scale can’t measure accurately.

So there you have it. Some great advice for anyone who is looking to lose belly fat or fat in general. Nutrition and diet is the way to look great. Exercise is the catalyst to feeling great. If you don’t do both or don’t have time to workout, then you should in the very least, watch what you are putting into your body. The stars all have not only intense workouts but they also are very religous into what they are going to allow themselves to eat.

So, the next time you pick up a Star Magazine and see the top 10 beach bodies, understand that diet plays a much more crucial role than exercise. And while a 5 minute workout routine is better than nothing at all, your chances of losing the belly fat aren’t as great as the commercials are promising you.