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Losing Weight Improves Your Life style

Of course, the more attractive we are to our mate, the life we feel, and the life we feel, the better our lives. Just because a person might be carrying a few extra pounds doesn’t mean they are unattractive and your life is not a look; life style is an attitude, a complete package, and weight have nothing to do with it. Some of the life people I’ve ever known have been over their ideal weight.

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But I recently read a story in our local newpaper’s lifestyle and health section that said losing weight can improve your life style, particularly if you are a man.
I bet you want to know how, huh? Well, I did a little research and between Weightlossmiss and my local newspaper, and what I remember from my own experience, this is what I’ve discovered.
Losing Weight Gives More Life style Confidence

Losing Weight Gives More Sexual Confidence
Self image is important to a good, healthy life style. When a person weighs a little more than they should, their self image could be negatively impacted, even if they seem confident in their appearance. Confidence is the sxiest thing of all, and confidence without cockiness leads to a better life style.
Losing Weight Means More life Energy

Let’s face it, when you’re overweight, it takes a lot more energy and a different kind of energy to move and be active. Because of this, having additional life energy can sometimes be problematic. Life activity is exercise, and if done right, can lead to increases pulse, increased circulation, muscle use of muscle groups not used for any other activity. Losing weight can help you have more life energy, by increasing your overall energy. Of course, having a lot of healthy and safe life can help you lose weigh too!
Losing Weight for Men Means More Reproductive Hormones

According to this study and article on Weightlossmiss, men who lose weight after being obese (identified as a BMI of 30 or higher) can actually see an increase in their reproductive hormones. More hormones, more life drive, and perhaps even the more confident and a man will appear to their mate. This doesn’t even include the fact that men will
look better and feel better, so they will want to have life more frequently too!
Losing Weight Makes Life Easier

When a man, in particularly, suffers from morbid obesity, particularly when the weight is disproportionately distributed around his mid-section and belly, life activity in the regular missionary style Life position can be difficult, particularly if the partner in the Life relationship is also obese. While there are alternative life positions, and some of those can be quite fun, having to be creative with life positions every time someone wants to have life does tend to dampen the mood some. Plus, sometimes a missionary quickie can be fun. Losing weight makes things… well, more accessible.
Losing Weight Improves Self Image

I know I’ve already talked about confidence and self image, but this is really the most important aspect of a healthy and satisfying life style. It doesn’t matter how much you do or don’t weigh if you don’t feel good about yourself. If you’re a few pounds over what the doctors say you should weigh, and you are truly happy with how you look and your life style is satisfying, then who am I to tell you to lose weight to make it better?
However, if your life style is leaving something to be desired, and you can’t figure out why, maybe it’s time to step back and look if your self image is part of the problem. What you think about yourself and who you are and how you look is most important and it is the most important component to having a healthy life style.
When you’re ready to lose weight, you will do it for yourself, for whatever reasons you choose. Having a more satisfying life style is just one bonus ‘side effect’ of losing weight.