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Losing weight with a great way

The simplest way to lose weight involves creating a calorie deficit, so that you burn more calories then what your body needs, resulting in weight lose, using a combination of diet and exercise.

To start all you need to do is work out how many calories your body needs to survive, there are many different tools on the internet that can help with this, just type BMR into a search engine and of you go. In order to lose 1lb per week you will need to have calorie deficit of 3500 calories (3500 cals = 1lb). A simple way to achieve a 1lb week weight lose is to have a calorie deficit of 500 each day of the week. A way you can get this deficit is by eating 250 calories less then what you need and burning 250 calories through exercise. However it is up to you how you create this deficit, for example you might get most of your deficit through exercise.

 to have a calorie deficit of 500 each day of the week

Although losing weight in this way will still let you eat your favourite treats it is important to eat healthily, including lots of fruit and vegetables, as diet is the key factor is weight lose. However it is also important to choose the right type of exercise for you, something that you enjoy doing. You will need to do cardio, which can include running, riding a bike, anything that gets your heart beating, so that you can burn calories. You might also want to do toning exercises such as yoga or Pilates; however these will not help you to burn calories. It is also important to build muscle as muscle burns more calories then fat. You can do this by including simple weight training into your exercise. There are some great websites that can help with this.

to build muscle as muscle burns more calories then fat

You will notice that you may lose quite a bit of weight in the first few weeks however this will gradually slow to a steady weight lose, which is completely normal, so don’t worry. However if you find that you have a few weeks when you don’t lose any weight, check that you eating the right amount of calories. If you have lost weight then it is mostly likely that your BMR will have decreased meaning your body will need fewer calories to survive. Therefore you will need to change the amount of calories you eat depending on your weight.

Once you have reached your target weight you can’t just stop there you now need to maintain you new weight and lifestyle. You can do this by ensuring that you continue exercising and eating the right amount of calories, but by this point you will know how many calorie sis right, so you won’t have to be counting calories for the rest of your life.

It really is that simple to lose and maintain your perfect weight, without using quick fix diets. Start creating the new you now!