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Natural Fat Burners For Effective Fat Loss

Losing weight is not an easy thing especially if you have a problem with burning fat. One of the best ways to lose weight and burn fat is through exercise and dieting. However, there are some natural fat burners that are known to be effective in helping weight loss.

They include certain hormones that are naturally produced by your body.They include the following:


It is a type of hormone known as adipokine. It is exclusively released from fat cells. Leptin interacts with the brain in order to influence your body to consume less food and therefore burn more calories. For leptin to be effective, you need to get adequate sleep and also include foods that are rich in antioxidants in your diet plan. Such foods include green vegetables, red vegetables, and rich berries, among others.


This is another adipokine hormone. It enhances your muscle’s ability to break down carbohydrates for energy, increases the rate at which your body burns fat, boosts metabolism, and reduces your appetite. For it to work more efficiently, engage yourself in exercise and replace carbohydrates with monounsaturated fats,such as avocados and olives, in your diet.


When you consume a lot carbohydrates while your body contains a lot of insulin, it can inhibit the burning and breakdown of stored fat. The larger the amount of carbohydrates you consume, the higher the amount of insulin released. To increase the efficiency of insulin as a fat burner, get the bulk of your carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables.


This hormone is responsible for breaking down stored fats and carbohydrates and releasing them to provide energy. To maximize the effectiveness of this hormone, you should include protein -rich and foods low in carbohydrates in your diet.


This hormone is always released from the cells in your intestines any time you consume proteins or fat. It helps in slowing down your rate of digestion. This effectively makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time. You therefore reduce your food intake.


This is a hormone that is produced in your stomach. Just like other natural fat burners, it works in conjunction with your brain to signal to your body that you are hungry. And therefore you need to eat food. An increase in ghrelin is usually caused by decrease in the consumption of calories. This means that the fewer calories you consume, the higher the levels of ghrelin. Your body actually never adapts to a reduced -calorie diet and it therefore keeps sending ”I am hungry” signals. This is why it is difficult to maintain weight loss as opposed to losing it. However, intense exercise causes a decrease in ghrelin levels. This makes ghrelin a key component to fat loss and weight maintenance.

Growth Hormone:

This hormone is considered as the fountain of youth by many people. It also helps with fat loss as well. Growth hormone interacts with fat cells in your body causing them to break down and burn stored fat for energy. Intense exercise, such as interval or circuit training, can cause an increase in the levels of growth hormone. To enhance the fat-burning effect of this hormone, you need to train hard and sleep well.