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Permanent Weight Loss: Diet & Exercise Mistakes to Avoid

Permanent weight loss seems unachievable until you nail down a plan and avoid making some classic diet and exercise mistakes. I’m a certified personal trainer.

Don’t create stumbling blocks with your weight loss plan, and following are four big stumbling blocks that many women and men create in their attempts to permanently lose excess weight.

Permanent weight loss saboteur #1:

Thinking that wearing what looks like a space suit during exercise will help you lose weight faster. The only thing a George Jetson suit will do is make you lose water faster, by causing you to sweat.

Permanent Weight Loss: Diet & Exercise Mistakes to Avoid

You’ll end up thirsty and gain back the sweat weight by drinking water. These suits look very uncomfortable, and probably are; uncomfortable attire will inhibit your exercise output, and you’ll end up burning fewer calories — and as you can see, this will surely sabotage weight loss efforts.

Plus, these “weight loss suits” make you hot and may restrict movement during exercise, impairing your ability to work your hardest or run or step your fastest. Wear light, loose workout clothes (a simple tee shirt and lightweight sweat pants), and focus on a rigorous workout, and drink plenty of water.

Permanent weight loss saboteur #2:

Thinking that just because your 100-pound fat-gain took three years in the making, that it should take three years to get rid of. A person can gain weight for a variety of reasons, and major weight gains usually do take time. A change in eating and exercise habits, due to large loads of life stress, can still take a few years to result in a 100-pound weight gain.

Permanent Weight Loss: Diet & Exercise Mistakes to Avoid

But with a complete turnaround in dietary habits and a renewed commitment to rigorous strength training and vigorous cardio exercise, a person can lose excess body fat in far less time than it took to put it on. But if a person dilly-dallies about exercising, and only half-way makes the effort to improve eating habits, then progress will come very slowly.

Permanent weight loss saboteur #3:

Thinking it’s not safe to lose more than 2 pounds per week. One pound of fat = 3,500 calories. Suppose an obese sedentary person normally eats 5,000 calories a day. He or she then decides to eat only 3,000 nutritious calories a day (“only” is a relative term here), plus exercise for one hour every day.

Permanent Weight Loss: Diet & Exercise Mistakes to Avoid

A caloric deficit of 2,000 calories will be created every day. 2,000 X seven days per week = 14,000 calories burned per week, excluding the ones burned from the added exercise. 14,000 divided by 3,500 = 4 pounds per week lost. If this person’s exercise burns an extra 500 calories a day, that makes the weekly weight loss total 5 pounds.

To say this is unsafe is to say that it is unsafe to consume 3,000 calories a day and exercise one hour a day! However, if a person goes from 3,000 calories a day to 1,000, then yes, this is very unhealthy and will ultimately screw up metabolism and cause other problems.

Permanent weight loss saboteur #4:

Thinking that you should avoid nuts if you’re trying to lose weight. Nuts have always gotten a bad rap from the dieting camp. But nuts are super-healthy and improve cholesterol profile.

Permanent Weight Loss: Diet & Exercise Mistakes to Avoid

And here’s another reason dieters should eat nuts — just three tablespoons’ worth can kill appetite for hours! So if you’re fighting the urge to dig into the ultra-high-calorie ice cream or finish off the last three slices of pizza, which can be hard to fill up on, instead go for the cashews, pecans, peanuts or walnuts. After two or three tablespoons, you won’t even want to think of eating anything else.

These guidelines will make a great start to your weight loss plan. However, don’t stop there. If you want to read about the best kinds of exercise for permanent weight loss, read my articles on muscle confusion, HIIT and anaerobic walking. Don’t ever give up on your dream of permanent weight loss.