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Pointers and Tips for Teens Trying to Lose Weight

Losing weight in high school can be a bit of a challenge. Between the stress of classes, as well as the amount of time one devotes to school, friends and fun, it can be hard to get into shape.

However, it can be done. Follow these tips and you start your journey to being a healthier teen. As always, see a doctor before attempting to change your diet and exercise habits.

Pointers and Tips for Teens Trying to Lose Weight
Plan a Schedule It can be hard to find a time to exercise, but it’s necessary to do so for healthy weight loss. So buy or make a planner and make time for at least thirty to forty five minutes of exercise. If you are completely overwhelmed with school, try exercising while studying. For example, get on a stationary bike and read your study materials while peddling.
Join a Gym if Possible Gyms are filled with exercise equipment and instructors that can help you learn to exercise safely. Many gyms have reasonable rates and some are open twenty four hours a day. This can make it easier to fit exercise into your schedule.
Find a Buddy Chances are you’re not the only person at school trying to lose weight. If you can, try to find a friend to lose weight with. This can keep you motivated during tough times when you feel discouraged or tempted to quit.

Pointers and Tips for Teens Trying to Lose Weight
Tell you Parents Weight loss and changes in diet can worry parents if they don’t know the reasons for these changes. So, it might be a little embarrassing, but tell your parents about your weight loss goals. They might even be supportive enough to pay for your gym membership, which saves you money.
Avoid Alcohol Even though it’s illegal for teens to consume alcohol in the United States, there is still a high prevalence of teen drinking in the country. So, if you’re partaking in this illegal activity, remember that it can sabotage weight loss. Alcohol has a lot of calories with no nutritional value, which means that drinking beer or taking shots can hinder weight loss.

Pointers and Tips for Teens Trying to Lose Weight
Have Reachable Goals Don’t expect to lose thirty pounds in a month. Setting unrealistic expectations only leads to disappointment which discourage you from losing more weight.
Don’t Make Weight Loss the Center of Your Life As a teen, you have friends, parties, classes, vacations, jobs, and a variety of other things in your life besides weight loss. Don’t skip parties or outings with friends because you’re worried about what to do when it comes time to eat. Weight loss should be a process in your life that makes you feel better, not the center of your existence.