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Remarkable notes of dumbbelling to lose weight

To lose weight effectively with a dumbbell, it requires not only following the proper technique but also being patient.

Using dumbbell exerciseS seems to be the best choice to have a perfect butt because it burns up many calories, speeds up the metabolism process, trains the largest number of the body’s muscles, builds strength, and helps gain lean harmstring, abdominal muscle, the back and even the fist. However, there are some significant notes when you lift a dumbbell.

1. Be clear about the proper technique:

Before any exercise is done, you need to follow exactly some basic poses of weight lifting. Start with your body set in vertical position, standing with your feet shoulder width apart and your hands on the hips. Your index and middle fingers touch the hip joints. What’s more, remember that all the movement begin and finish on the hips, even when you throw out your chest.

To begin, press slightly your fingers so as to push your hips up as if you push the door by your buttock. While your pelvises move, throw out your chest and bend your knees slightly. Keep this pose (so that the person opposite can read words on your T-shirt) until your buttock can’t be pushed up more. Then stop moving and set yourself back to the first position. You should practise moving slowly and deliberately. You can count from 1 to 3 for the bending and to 2 for setting the body back to the standing position.

Tip: stand with 20-25cm far from the wall in order that your butt can touch the wall when bending. Practise 3 sets; repeat each 15-20 times. You can rest for 30 seconds between two sets.

Remarkable notes of dumbbelling to lose weight

2. Start with an appropriate weight.

Before you increase your weight of the dumbbell, you should choose the one that meets with your need (about 10 kilos). Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Then bend forward to take the dumbbell placed in front of you on the floor with both hands. Set your back in a straight line, pushing your buttock up. If you can’t reach the weight without squatting or hogging the back, you can place it on a box or a low shelve.

When holding the dumbbell, tighten your butt to push the hips forwards and lift the dumbbell while straightening your body up. Keep your hands straightening and the dumbbell close by the body. Do it again without placing the dumbbell on the ground. Practise 3 sets, repeat each 10-12 times with a second rest between two. You can use two dumbbells (one for the left hand and another for the right). Keep your hands straighten and close by the body while bending or standing up.

3. Increase the weight when you are ready:

Having practised fluently with a 25 kilo dumbbell, you can try a heavy Olympic dumbbell. To start, set yourself in vertical position, and then shift your weight onto the right leg; at the same time bend the right knee slightly. Now bend the body; step the left leg backwards so that the leg and the back are set in a line. Use the right leg and buttock muscles to change the position, raise the body and put the straightening leg back to the first position.