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Running: the Right Techniques to Lose Weight Fast

Running in the right way will not only help you burn a host of calories for a slender body, but also increase your longevity.

It would be great if you choose running as the exercise for your weight loss plan because it burns calories to help you slim down fast while resulting in extremely magnificent health benefits, particularly longevity prolongation. However, to achieve these benefits you have to know the right way to run.

Running regularly on a daily basis will get you to be in shape as well as bring in countless health benefits. However, you should not run too much and too hard as it will not only deprive you of the expected effects, but it can also lead to health hazards, which can even lead to death.

Running: the Right Techniques to Lose Weight FastBased on a review of data of more than 3,800 athletes with average 46 of age, participating in running courses, the scientists from the Pennsylvania Cardiovascular Institute, USA give out the results those athletes who often run moderately had longer life than those running too much. The researchers say that running generates great benefits for the practitioners such as losing weight, keeping fit, preventing obesity, increasing longevity, reducing stress and improving the immune system. However, you should not abuse it. To achieve these benefits you should consult experts to create an exercise regime suitable for yourself.

One of the study’s authors, Dr. James O’Keefe advised that, to get the most out of running you should run about 3 hours per week and should maintain this healthy habit.

Running: the Right Techniques to Lose Weight FastRunning trainer Jen Van Allen offered some pieces of advice for running novices:

– Whether your goal is to lose weight or stay healthy, you should not start the workout by running immediately, within the first 4 to 6 weeks you should just walk. The daily walking routine will familiarize you with running.

– The key to achieve your goal is determination, which helps you maintain the running habit.

– Measuring the speed will help you maintain and capture your own progresses.

– Leaning forward while running.

– Casting your eyes over a broad horizon.

– Relaxing your shoulders and avoiding crossing your arms.

When starting off your exercise, remember to follow the above suggestions to improve running techniques and to obtain the most benefits from practicing this kind of athletics.