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Safe weight loss tips after pregnancy

It is common that every new mom gains extra weight when they become pregnant. What makes the matter worse is that the post pregnancy weight loss is negligible. Therefore, most mothers want to lose these extra pounds quickly in order to get back to their pre-baby body. So how can you get your shape back? Here are some safe and reasonable tips that you can’t miss.

Safe weight loss tips after pregnancy

1. Breastfeeding:

Many new moms think that breastfeeding cause them to experience sagging breast, so they decide to choose bottle feeding or at least limit breastfeeding time. It is an unscientific opinion as well as affects significantly the newborn baby’s health and their normal development. Breast milk is the best nutrition that every mom can offer their newborn as it caters for all the child’s nutritional needs in the first months of life. Also, it provides an increased resistance to infections, so there are fewer incidents of illness. Breastfeeding stimulates the milk gland to produce more milk. As a result, it helps burn up a great anount of calories.

Breastfeeding speeds up the release of hormones that helps shrink the moms’ uteri. Researchers have shown that when one breast feed for an hour, she can melt up 360 calories.

Safe weight loss tips after pregnancy

2. A balanced diet:

To shed all the extra pregnancy pounds, it is necessary to balance our daily food. However, post pregnancy mothers need to be cautious of dieting because we need nutrition for not only our body’s recovery but also our newborns.

We should eat variety of foods that provide protein, vitamins, minerals, and a little starch to provide enough energy for our body as well as avoid being tired and pale.

We don’t need to offer a menu of only vegetables. In stead, we can eat a variety of healthy foods such as fish, meat, bean, grain, and some fresh fruits…that provide vitamins and help burn up the fat effectively.

Remember to balance the food menu per meal and make sure the minimum nutrition amount a day, including starchy and protein foods.

To slim down belly fat, it is a good idea to drink much fruit juice to burn up the extra fat.

Safe weight loss tips after pregnancy

3. A reasonable exercise:

In addition to a healthy diet, it is essential for us to do exercise. It is apparent that exercise can both do the body good and help lose weight quickly. Nevertheless, as the body has just recovered from a hard delivery, it is difficult for a mother to apply a normal slimming exercise. So we can start to do some gentle exercise like walking.

Moreover, we shouldn’t sit so long because we are get used to it and become reluctant to get moving. Gradually, we may feel stressed by thinking of losing weight.

We had better wait six months after the birth before taking up some more strenuous exercise such as jogging, staire climbing, Yoga doing, and swimming so as to speed up burning up the extra energy.