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Serving chocolate for breakfast is an effective way to lose weight

It is a mistaken idea that eating chocolate can cause you to be overweight and here is the reason why some chubby girls are often very unhappy to refuse such delicious food. That’s because you haven’t known the effects on weight loss of this wonderful remedy.

– It is reasonable to affirm the weight loss benefits of chocolate. Many leading nutritional experts advise overweight people to serve chocolate for breakfast in order to lose fat effectively as chocolate helps prevent their appetite for all the day. Thus, the experts consider it a stably effective way to slim down.

Serving chocolate for breakfast is an effective way to lose weight– A group of the experts from the University of Tel Aviv (Israel) have done a research to improve the weight loss benefits of chocolate. They show that the metabolism process in human body carries out the most actively in the mornings, so it is vital that we have breakfast to provide energy for a working day. Besides, breakfast plays an important role in regulating the level of ghrelin – a kind of hormone stimulates the appetite. They also indicate that in stead of a normal breakfast, obese people should eat a chocolate cake to ensure 600 calories, including protein and sugar, which help maintain the body’s activities. What’s more, the sweetness of the cake aids in dominating your appetite for all the day, which is very helpful for those who need to lose pounds.

– According to a series of articles published in Steroids Journal, which refer to the eight-month study of chocolate effects on human’s weight, 193 people who are diagnosed as obese and don’t suffer from diabetes are selected as the object of the study. These people were divided into two random groups and went on the same diet: 1,600 calories per day for male, 1,400 calories per day for female; for breakfast, Group 1 consumed 300 calories with little sugar, but Group 2’s calorie intake was 600 with more protein and sugar (implemented cakes and chocolate).

Serving chocolate for breakfast is an effective way to lose weight– Eight months later, statistics show that people in Group 2 who had consumed 600 calories for breakfast lost 8 kilos in comparison with those in Group 1.

– They also reveal that although all the participants consumed the same amount of calories a day, Group 1 still had appetite because they ate little sugar for breakfast. The feeling of starvation caused them to eat sneakily other foods. However, cakes and chocolate were implemented for Group 2’s breakfast, so the amount of sugar in the cakes helped them reduce their appetite. As a result, they were able to lose weight and then maintain their weight.

That’s why those who want to lose weight should eat chocolate regularly for breakfast. This finding has been proved by scientist and nutritional experts around the world. Wish you lose weight successfully!