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Six common mistakes when running to lose weight

Running is an energetic activity which burns a great number of calories and thus helps you lose weight. However, you need to do it in the right way to get the optimal benefits.
Losing weight with athletic sport like running is widely chosen because it is simple and not only does it bring high effective weight loss, but also help improve heart health, relieve stress, prevent cancer and increase longevity, etc. However, to obtain those benefits you have to avoid the following mistakes:
Running too fast at the beginning:

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For beginners, this is probably the most common error. Running too fast in the first place is not good for health because this will cause the body to lose water much faster before you reach the destination.

Six common mistakes when running to lose weight.
Then, your strength will quickly diminish and your foot may easily get injured. Therefore, when starting a fitness run, run with a slow pace and then gradually speed up and keep energy level steady until you finish.
Wearing unsuitable shoes:

Six common mistakes when running to lose weight.
During the run, if your athletic shoes do not fit or are too old, they may cause injuries. According to fitness experts, runners need to buy new shoes after every 200 kilometers run to avoid the lost buffer to injure their feet. When choosing shoes, you should choose to buy shoes a little bigger than your feet because your feet will get inflamed while running.
Choose inappropriate clothes:
Many people pay little attention to outfit when running. However, the effectiveness of the exercise is also influenced by the material, size of the clothes you wear. Therefore, get yourself dressed neatly and suitable to the weather.
Running strides:

Six common mistakes when running to lose weight.
Is it true that running stride exercises will bring about higher effectiveness as many think? The fact is not, running with long strides will make you quickly feel tired, cause muscles around the shin bone to hurt, or even worse lead to muscle injuries around the tibia.
In sum, the best method is to run with moderate and rhythmic steps.
Running too rigorous:

Six common mistakes when running to lose weight.
This mistake is common with people who have just started training since they are often too excited. This not only does not bring about the effect of exercise, but also causes injuries like muscle pain, dehydration and loss of energy.
Therefore, in the beginning period, you should run a short distance and gradually increase the speed so that you can maintain your stamina as well as avoid injuries when running.
Do not provide enough water for the body:
Water helps cool the body and acts as a lubricant for muscles and joints, while at the same time plays the role of an intermediary for all metabolic activities in the body, especially for hikers.

Six common mistakes when running to lose weight.
A lot of people take no notice of how much water their bodies lose while running and thus pay no heed to replenish the lost water. It is this situation that leads to serious dehydration during exercise among runners. Hence, you should pay attention to drink water before and during the run to prevent dehydration and to achieve high effectiveness from the exercise.