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The best foods to eat to lose weight while pregnant

We always hear about what women shouldn’t eat during pregnancy like sushi. Today, we are going to talk about best foods to eat to lose weight while pregnant. Eating healthy during pregnancy will help your baby to develop and grow, and will keep you fit.

Calcium and Protein

The best foods to eat to lose weight while pregnantFirst of all, we need to clear up that during pregnancy the foods women eat are for 2 people at once. So all you need during pregnancy is about 300 extra calories per day. One key to remember is that pregnant women really have to make sure to get enough calcium. Some of the best foods to eat to lose weight while pregnant would be cereal oatmeal. What we need is about 200mg of calcium per day. One cup of milk provide 350mg of calcium, one cup of yoghurt could be 400mg of calcium and one and a half slices of cheese the same thing as having one cup of milk. Tofu, especially firm tofu has really high calcium, and so is broccoli. And if you are pregnant, you just have valuable snack. Sometime it is really hard to meet your need with 3 meals. So to make your snack valuable, you want to make sure you have food that is a kind of multitask, for example; a cup of milk actually give you calcium and protein and a lot of vitamins.

You could have some hummus and dip some veggies in there or also you can dip the veggies into some yoghurt if you like. Again for good source of calcium and protein, dry food and nuts mixes will give you calcium, also give you a lot of carbohydrates for energy. Even cereal oatmeal is great; some of my favorite snacks are some almond butter and pieces of whole grain bread. So great thing about that is it is very portable.


Pregnant women need more iron. Some rich sources of iron would be something like dry food and nuts and also leafy greens. Leafy greens are also multitask food because they are very high in folic acid and folic acid is very important because it help to form the baby nerves. Citrus juices are very high in folic so you can get citrus juices that are also multitask to get calcium and folic acid at the same time.


Pregnant women need about more 25g of protein per day than you normally need. Lean meat, chicken, turkey, fish are excellent sources of protein. Egg is a great source. Tofu is high in protein. And don’t forget the cracker. Or peanut butter or almond butter could be great sources of protein.

Pregnancy could be fun there is something about it that is not fun. Constipation, nausea, and also dehydration can happen. If you feel constipated, it is really important to know that you need fiber in your diet, also need fluid and probably the best fluid you could drink is water. So having at least a glass of water per day is very important. The ideal marriage is fluid and fiber. So whether high in cereal, lots of veggies and fruits but definitely make sure you drink a lot of water. Generally the biggest issue is the portion sizes. Just try to make sure you are eating small meal but eat frequently. For nausea, Ginger is very helpful. Dry milk is also good but try not to drink in your meal. Be sure you are drinking between your meals so you don’t get the hydrated.

If you are eating like this, you will get healthy food, so your child can grow up and strong. So try the best foods to eat to lose weight while pregnant and leave your comment below to tell us how they work.