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The best foods you should eat to lose weight before sleeping

Five following foods not only reduce stress but also work very well on weight loss. Before going to bed, you can let yourself eat and drink these best foods to lose weight to just have a good sleep as well as to burn the excess fat.

5 Foods You Should Eat to Lose Weight before Bed

Warm milk

Milk is not only known as rich-calcium food, but it also contains whey protein. Therefore, it has the ability to burn the excess fat in your body. If the daily diet includes products made from milk, then you can easily control your weight and help your body healthy as well as reduce fatigue.

Red wine

Red wine is one of the best foods to lose weight because it contains vitamin A, vitamin C, carotene and antioxidants. So it is able to enhance metabolism, improve skin. Specifically, they cause skin rejuvenation and make it more beautiful. Red wine is rich in iron, so it is very good to promote blood circulation, improve sleeping quality. Moreover, it is effective in reducing the accumulation of water inside your body. But you should also be careful when choosing the wines. Genuine wine is made entirely from fermented grapes, has slight sweet taste, and it does not contain the attached additives. Before sleeping at night, drinking a glass of red wine (50 ml) will have a great weight loss impact.


Honey has very good bactericidal ability so it will help the body purge and flush toxic substances out of the body. It also enhanced metabolism, burn the excess fat in the body.

Before you go to bed, drink a glass at a rate of 1/10 between honey and water. Also you can replace the water by fruit juice, such as cucumber to create appetite more. So you’re ready for a good sleep as well as the excess fat will quickly be removed.


Bananas are known to help the muscles completely relaxed; so your sleep will come faster and tastier. Also bananas are also rich in fiber, low in calories (each banana contains 80 – 100 kcal). If you ate too much starch and meat for dinner, you could eat a banana before sleeping. Thus, it will help you release energy while you are sleeping.


You can use oatmeal as a safe night snack. Oatmeal is rich in soluble fiber and protein, thereby it potentially makes you feel fuller and longer and no more feeling of appetite. You can cook a small bowl of oatmeal, then adding little honey. It would be a delicious, simple food and highly effective in weight loss.

Do you really want to have the body of your dreams? A lean body makes you feel proud of. So let’s look at all the information in this website, you will see the best foods to lose weight that help you to get the body you always dream of. Take action now before it is too late.