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The hot tips to lose weight for the elderly you should know

Is it harder to lose weight as you get older? For those who are 45 or 50 years old, the answer is that it can be more difficult but it depends on the lifestyle changes.

As we get older, we tend to lose muscle mass at the same time we start to put all fat. So even though it might seem that you are staying roughly the same way, simple fact is you are getting more fat and less muscle which obviously isn’t good for your body. Most of the time, it is caused by simple not enough activity and because you aren’t active. When your metabolic rates change due to the fact that your ratio between your muscles and your fat mass has changed as the muscle mass goes down and the fat mass goes up, the metabolism starts to slow down. So what can you do to solve this problem? It is quite easy to break the cycle. The first thing you need to do is obviously become more active. You can do such things simple as walking, resistance training like you used to do when you are young. So the key to remember is combining that with healthy and suitable eating habits for the elderly.
the hot tips to lose weight for elderly


Exercise is an effective method for people who lose weight. Particularly, walking is suitable for elder’s health because it does not require too much movement as well as high-intensity exercise.

Walking softly is good for muscles, bones, and the health of the elderly. It is recommended that the elderly should walk 30-40 minutes each day, so it will burn about 200-350 calories and drop the excess fat in the body as well.

Also walking helps increase the body’s metabolism and decline the fat accumulation. Besides, walking help elderly feel relaxed thanks to blood circulation, decline in blood sugar and cholesterol which is good for health.

For elderly people above 60, the expert recommends that, they should walk for 30 to 40 minutes every day at the fat rate.

Maintain HCD Diet

HCD (hypo caloric Diet) is diet which includes 20-30 grams of fat per day. Due to decline in physical activities, elderly people should reduce fat in their diet to lose weight.

According to this method, the elderly should use oils derived from plants, avoid animal fats, sugary food, cut down food in the meals, including breakfast, at the same time split diet into many meals and add fresh fruit, juice and low-fat milk between meals.

Whether weight loss for the elderly is successful or not, it depends on eating habit. So, elderly people should eat slowly, chew carefully, avoid working while eating and avoid alcohol.

Increase Fiber

Elderly people should use 25 – 30 g of fiber per day because fiber loses weight effectively. Fiber makes you feel full quickly, contains low calorie, absorb and digest easily and therefore it also limit overeating, gaining energy and avoid weight gain. the fiber-rich foods include apples, artichokes, broccoli, oatmeal, cereals, papaya, pumpkin, beans, pumpkin, green pumpkin. Some dishes can help the elderly lose weight are artichokes soup, broccoli soup, boiled broccoli and squash soup. Also the elderly should increase enough 1,200 mg of calcium per day, and drink a glass of milk or skim milk and eat cereal for the breakfast.

Besides, the elderly should add the protein-rich diet help build muscle, promoting physical activity and healing wound. They also should choose low-calorie food but high-protein foods such as cooked beans, skinless chicken, chicken breast, seafood, lean beef and peas for lunch and dinner. Moreover, the elderly should add iron-rich spinach for dinner and choose fruits and vegetables to help regulate their digestive system.

If you combine doing exercise with healthy eating, you will find that you will start to reverse the muscle loss because you are more active and you also reverse the fat gain. You might even stay roughly the same way but you will be a lot fitter, a lot healthier and certainly a lot more active because of it. Age does have its advantages. You might be older but in term of health, just make sure you are wise too.