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The Most Appropriate Methods and the Best Foods to Lose Weight

Healthy eating is the most effective and the safest method to lose weight. As you know that people, who are overweight, are capable of absorbing great source of energy but they spend an inconsiderable source of energy. So the accumulation of energy creates the fatty layer of tissue just under the skin that lead to gain weight. Therefore, you need to choose the most appropriate methods and the best foods to lose weight.

Healthy eating

Make a diary of foods and diet

According to the research, people who keep record of a diary of diet can reduced more 2.75 kg than other people. So let you face up to good and bad problems of food by writing out your diet right now.

  • Write down the information in full: Remember that you are working for yourself, so do not ignore even the smallest detail including drinks or even a small sip of wine after a meal.
  • Write as accurately as possible: This emphasizes on the issue of volume. Though you cannot measure all types of food or drink, let’s estimate them by a unit of mass such as bowls or cups.
  • Add the extra details: Make a list of ways in which the food is processed as fried, fried, fried or boiled … foods’ side-dish and even condiments. It is very important to choose a suitable instrument to keep record of food diary. You can use a small notebook or use an app on the smart phone

Have a balance diet

It means you have to have a diet with adequate nutrients from important and necessary nutrient groups for your health. That may sound contradictory. You think that to lose weight you should eat less and even fasting, but here we are talking about losing weight using healthy methods so that you can still reduce weight while remaining stable health without suffering from depression during weight loss

Avoid skipping meals

The most appropriate methods and the Best foods to lose weightYou absolutely do not skip meals because people who give up one meal usually eat more in the later meal. As a result, the amount of excess nutrients which is not digested by the digestive system will be accrued and used for gaining weight. Besides, when you skip meals, your body stops using fat and your muscle tissue is broken. So the body does not need to use more muscle tissue and the weight loss is not really effective. Snack between meals. Like the method of weight gain, weight loss also requires you to eat between meals to fight hunger. However, remember that only eat a light meal of 150 calories and don’t eat a high-fat meal such as soft drinks, French fries or fatty foods.


When you stick to the diet to lose weight, doing meal preparation yourself help lose weight more efficiently than eating out because you can control diet and the nutrients contained in your meal. When you eat at a restaurant, you can only order but cannot understand 100% of the processing ingredients and the calories of the dishes. You usually have to try to eat the ordering food because you cannot waste it. Eating in a restaurant does not allow you to control the ingredients that make up the dish, control calories in food and thereby control the amount of calories absorbed by the body. While in “How to lose weight effectively” article, we have said very clearly about the absolute importance of calories in weight loss principle.

Low-Carb Diet

Limit the amount of carbohydrate in your diet

According to experts, carbohydrates cause your body to produce more insulin to burn carbohydrates producing energy instead of using the available fat in the body. This reduces fat consumption and weight loss efficiency. In the first two weeks of time of losing weight, make sure carb intake comes mostly from vegetables and is not more than 50 grams per day. Gradually you can add carb to your diet the next day. If you realize that your weight loss process is slow, you can reduce more amount of carbohydrate in the diet.

Only eat natural carbohydrates instead of processed carbohydrates

The best foods to lose weight are foods containing carbohydrate in nature. Some of them are fruits, vegetables and nuts such as soy, milk, whole grains, and assorted beans. The processed foods that contain carbohydrates include bread, noodles and assorted noodles. This may sound contradictory. But actually, it is a unique approach and differs from the second method called “low calorie diet”. This means that you only follow one of two methods and if possible you can try each method in each period to conclude which one is an appropriate method.

Low-Calorie Diet

Eat fruits

Most people who are over-weight are “voracious appetite” and fruit is one of their favorite dishes. However if you are not one of them, please immediately change your diet in which fruit is a key nutrient. Fruit which contains natural glucose is good for health. Besides, it also contains a lot of fiber to help you feel full more quickly. Eat seasonal and fresh fruits which are the best foods to lose weight. The fresher the fruits, the more delicious they are, the healthier you get even if you’re losing weight. Prepare plenty of fresh fruits in the fridge and make sure you can eat them as soon as you are hungry.

Eat vegetables

When cooking any meal, make sure that at least 50% of the ingredients are vegetables. You may cook so many delicious dishes in meals but vegetables are the best foods to lose weight. You need to maintain your diet that ensures consumption of vegetables which is rich in potassium. Some of them are sweet potatoes, spinach or peas. Use vegetables as a main dish. There are many ways of cooking vegetables. You can fry vegetables in a little oil and add beef or chicken but vegetables are the main ingredients.

Choose protein-rich foods

protein is necessary to maintain the proper functioning of your body. Eat protein-rich foods help you full longer and usually does not increase the stomach area. Some dishes are rich in protein such as beef, chicken and eggs. But you should boil or steamed such foods to avoid cooking oil. Beef supply a lot of protein to the body but does not contain much fat. Chicken breast is easy to eat in spite of a little slightly fibrous. However, it is the very best option for protein supplements. Fasting and using protein in beans such as soybeans and other grains. Stay away from fried foods which are rich in fat, replace them with the lean meat.

Use healthy cooking oil

Oil contains a lot of fat. But we will not be able to avoid all of the oil in the meal, so use cooking oil thoughtfully. You can use vegetable oil instead of animal oil and, simultaneously, use sufficiently instead of abuse too much of oil

Losing weight is something that is really difficult if you don’t maintain a determination. But you can lose weight if you know the secrets to it. So look at all the articles in this website to know the most appropriate methods and the best foods to lose weight.