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Tips to reduce belly fat effectively for clerical stafe

Due to the excessive sitting and reclining with few activities, most clerical staff are dissatisfied with their oversized waist line. The question is that how can you not only control your waist line but also ensure the fulfilment of your daily activities.

An oversized waist line makes most of the female clerical staff worried. The majority of those who are excessive fatty belly are often less self-confident every time they communicate with others. They feel themselves look unattractive, so they tend to avoid contact and are at risk of depression, stress, or worry for a long time.

Here are some ways that can help all the female clerical staff remove abdominal excessive layers of fat.

1. Choose a far restaurant for lunch

Tips to reduce belly fat effectively for clerical stafeThere is a fact that most women get accustomed to sitting for long hours. Gradually, they hesitate to go out for doing any thing, even including for lunch. Thus, excessive sitting and reclining can form the habit of stagnancy, affect their health, especially store more belly fat.

Instead of calling a box lunch, you should have lunch out so that you can have chance to practise some slight exercises like walking. It is advisable to pick a restaurant a little far from your office to spend time on walking more. This helps both burn energy and digest foods better, as well.

2. Combine with an effective weight loss menu

Tips to reduce belly fat effectively for clerical stafeIt is better to have a half of a bowl of rice per meal. If you are still hungry, eat fruits a few hours later. You can have two pears for the noon and the sunset. Do wash them, remove their seeds without peeling. Vitamins C, B6, B12 and Pectin, which increase the soft porosity of the digested residue, will lower the fat and cholesterol in blood.

3. Remember strictly not to fast breakfast

Not supplying your body with sufficient nutrients after long sleeping hours, you are at risk of becoming weaker and weaker. This makes you look lifeless, not help you reduce excessive fat. Morning fasting doesn’t help you lose weight but have opposite effects.

4. Intensify activities

Tips to reduce belly fat effectively for clerical stafeExcessive sitting and reclining can make you feel extremely unpleasant; however, our women sometimes are used to this feeling. As a result, it forms a bad habit which causes a thicker belly fat.

Instead of sitting for too long hours, you had better take up slight walking such as walking for drinking water collection, walking around the office, or exchanging work with your colleages. This can help reduce eye pressure, release stress, and avoid storing excessive fat effectively.

Besides, it is better to climb the stair every day instead of using the elevator. Climbing the stair is an effective exercise to lose weight.

5. Minimize fizzy soft drinks

Consuming fizzy soft drinks is an element of the hormone cortisol production which is harmful to your waist line. It’s high time you minimize unhealthy habits. You should drink adequate water to excrete toxins and waste products from the body, hydrate well for belly muscles, and help slim down your waist line.