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Top 10 wrong attitudes when going on a diet for weight loss

Do you try your best every day to lose weight, but you aren’t satisfied with the result? Many people make a weight loss plan based on diet but how to lose weight effectively is a big question. If you are in this case, please consider top 10 wrong attitudes on diet that most people make when starting a weight loss program

A Positive Attitude Sparks Extraordinary Weight Loss

A Positive Attitude Sparks Extraordinary Weight Loss

Eating after 8 pm rapidly makes you gain weight

This is not exact time to conclude causes of rapid weight gain. The point is the gap between dinner and sleep time. Normally, you should have dinner 3 to 4 hours before going to bed so that the digestive system works effectively to distribute nutrient for both operation and storage. If you eat just a moment before sleep, the digestive system cannot work well and fat is stored in unwanted parts.

Dividing meals can speed up metabolism

Division of meals will provide support for body to digest and absorb food rapidly because of small food quantity. However, at the same time your digestive system must work nonstop and sometimes it can cause overload. Therefore, nutrients in food cannot be fully absorbed. In addition, total calories of small meals can break the limit of total big meals.

Starch is the “enemy of dieters”

Fully cutting off starch from your meal is the common mistake of dieters. It can lead to lack of minimum sugar for basic conversion because sugar (especially glucose) is considered as the fastest substance in metabolism. Meanwhile, lipid and amino acids takes more time to generate energy. This mistake can make dieters tired all the time. In order to overcome the situation, you can add nutritious and starchy foods such as potato, sweet potato, black bread, etc.

The less calories means the faster weight loss

In order to lose weight you must decrease abundant calories to be transformed to fat. It is not cutting off necessary calories for daily activities. When you decrease energy absorbed, your body immediately takes fat in hand, leg and face instead of belly and thigh. Therefore, you need to do exercises to burn fat in target parts of your body. Remember to have enough calories for a day.

Foods stamped with “For dieter” can definitely help you to lose weight.

Foods stamped with “low-calorie”, “nonfat”, “skimmed” are recommended for dieters. They only support weight loss by decreasing absorb of unnecessary substances. If you want to have fast weight loss, you must do exercises as well as maintain diet.

Eating much oil easily makes you fat

Because lipid stores much energy, you think that the more fat the more weight. However, lipid is not only useful for energy generation but also forming many parts in body especially nervous system. You should use good lipids such as soy oil and olive oil. You can limit fat but never cut it off.

Skipping meal is also a good strategy

Dieters tend to limit daily intake of foods through skipping breakfast, having light lunch and regular dinner. However, this plan is easy to be collapsed due to energy requirement of your body after a hard day at work. As a result, you have a big meal for dinner instead of the regular one. To maintain healthy weight loss target, you should follow the principle “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” – Nutrient breakfast, light lunch and austere dinner.

Drinking more water can lose weight

Maintaining enough water is essential; however, water cannot replace food because it doesn’t have energy. Drinking water when you feel hungry is a provisional and ineffective solution. The feeling of full of water will rapidly pass then you will lose control with empty stomach. Food will be slowly digested because of watery digestive enzymes

Drinking vegetable juice and eating green vegetables have the same effect

Making vegetable juice from green vegetables is a simple way to consume more vegetables while keeping nutrient composition. That is only true for minerals and vitamins. Other substances like fibers that make you feel full cannot take effect when you drink vegetable juice. We need to increase the consumption of vegetable in various forms to lose weight and fat in stomach.

Doing exercise and you are free to have meals

Cause of this mistake is fool satisfaction. For going on a diet, all efforts must be kept balanced. You can eat in a more free way but keep eating and drinking in moderation. You should avoid elements that can defeat your workout efforts.