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Top 7 Fat-Burning Foods for Men and Women

You may find it hard to believe that there are delicious foods you already love that can actually help you fight belly fat. Today I will share with you what those foods are and how they work. Probably we all made this resolution to get to the gym and not eat fat foods. The truth is when you eat the right foods that burn fat, you can eat a lot and you can get rid of that belly fat.

Top 7 Fat-Burning Foods for Men and Women

Top 7 Fat-Burning Foods for Men and Women

Firstly, we have the avocado. We’ve heard so much about avocado being a healthy fat. The reason why we say that is your body needs fat, so instead of using mayonnaise on your bread, try a little guacamole because this has mono-saturated fat which help your body keep the blood sugar nice and steady. And so, obviously you don’t want too much fat, but half of an avocado with a little bit of dressing is a great way to get healthy fat. That’s going to keep your blood sugar nice and slow.

Banana is one of foods that burn fat. Potassium is the anti-sodium. So, if you’re bloated, if you’re feeling a little puffy, have a banana or half a banana, you are going to get rid of that bloating right away.

Yogurt is on the list of foods that burn fat. I am obsessed of Greek yogurt that I eat a lot. I love yogurt because it is such a high-protein level. Some people like a smooth quality. And when you have yogurt in the morning, that protein helps set nice and steady blood sugar all day long. Greek yogurt has really high-protein content because it’s strained. So what you want is that dense protein because it is going to keep your blood sugar from going too high. If you have a sugary cereal for breakfast or a pastry, your blood sugar goes up, you insulin goes up. And if you are not going out and ran around, your body is going to store it as fat. So, let’s eat yogurt to keep the blood sugar steady. I know a lot of people eat yogurt, so many people eat yogurt because eating yogurt is going to benefit them most.

If you eat certain sugary yogurt in the morning, it is not as good as the plain. So you can add berries. I tell my kids, it is nature’s candy. You can have as much strawberry and blueberry as you like. The good thing is that berry is full of antioxidants. So when you go and exercise or walk, this is going to make all oxygen go to the muscles so much easier. So, your blood sugar stays nice and steady. Berry is the nature’s sugar that keeps blood steady.

A little sugar is not so bad, so you can have chocolate skim milk. I love chocolate and after your workout, this is a perfect recovery food. Because some muscles can get little sore, maybe the muscles can get ache or tired. This is going to help them recover faster, so you can feel great and you want to do it again. Chocolate and skim milk is perfect combination between protein and carb and try to find one is low in sugar. Because that’s going to make the difference that you cannot replace it for everything.

Green tea has a special compound called ECGC that helps kick-start metabolism. And in fact, people who drink 3 cups a day have their metabolism spike so green tea is going to burn more calories and more fat all day long.

Citrus fruits and peppers are also foods that burn fat. Any vitamin C in citrus fruits will help you burn 30% more fat. In fact, it helps encourage fat burning during exercise. Some women told me that “I don’t know what to bring with me as a snack”. So this is a perfect snack right in your purse. It is better to have this in the morning or a glass of orange juice because you have more fiber from the fruit itself.  Speaking of fiber, look for a brand that has 4 grams. 4 grams of fiber in bread and whole grains will keep you full, keep the blood pressure nice and low and you will feel great. In fact, if you find 35 grams of fiber a day, you are going to burn 6% more calories than if you did not. Eat fiber, it is not just for old ladies, it is good stuff.

With the above best fat burning foods added to your daily meals, you will boost metabolism significantly and lose weight quickly.