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Weight Loss Tips For Writers

Writing for several hours a day can wreak havoc on your waistline. Here are three weight loss tips for writers that will help keep those extra pounds at bay without an extreme amount of effort or time taken away from the craft of writing.


Eat Your Veggies

Many writers mindless eat while tapping away on their computers. It’s amazing how quickly that bowl of chips can disappear, especially when you’re basking in the euphoria of watching the words fly across the screen. Also, some writers use food as a treat for completing an article or a chapter in their novel or as an incentive to keep writing.

An easy solution is to become vigilant about what you’re putting in your mouth. Chop up some tasty vegetables (red peppers, radishes, snap peas, and baby carrots are all favorites of mine). Not only will your keyboard stay cleaner but you’ll knock out at least one recommended daily serving of veggies.

Another trick to keeping this healthy is to just say no to fatty dressings. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on your veggies, or try just a splash of red wine vinegar. For those writers who like a little spice, try using a little green chili powder to dress up your healthy snack.

Go Outside

The next time you need inspiration or a way to smash through a block in creativity, go outside. Taking a quick walk around the block can put a fresh perspective on the situation and the extra exercise will do your body good.

Writers who choose to use this weight loss tip should consider taking a small tape recorder or pen and pad of paper with them. If inspiration strikes, you can record the words and keep walking without worrying about forgetting your brilliant prose.

Rearrange Your Workspace

Try putting things that you use several times during the day in a different part of your home. Extra bonus points if you have a multi-level house and have to trek up and down the stairs to retrieve your thesaurus. This will get you up and moving more often during your writing period.

The key to this tip is that after you have brought the item back to your desk and used it, put it back in its original location. Do this every single time for every single item and your body will thank you for allowing it to stretch a bit before plopping down for another long writing session and you’ll burn extra calories too.

Try these weight loss tips for writers and you’ll be on your way to a healthier body and healthier writing.