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What to eat for breakfast to lose weight and gain muscle

Today, I am going to show you some of my favorite healthy breakfast ideas to lose weight and gain muscle. Let’s jump right into it.

The first thing I do when I wake up is always drinking a cup of water. You can add lemon; I would like to squeeze too much lemon in there. Too much lemon juice causes my water become really sour. So, I just throw a slice in there.

What to eat for breakfast to lose weight and gain muscleNext, I will be drinking FitTea. Today is my 28 Day Detox. I basically put a tea bag in the cup and add some hot water. I have after and before drinking result for you, take the picture of day 1 when you receive the tea and take another picture of day 30. You can add lemon juice or honey to the tea. Eating healthy and work out, once you see result I promise you are more motivated and begin to look at yourself on the mirror. Put side by side pictures for day 1 and day 30. So don’t give up, try your best.

The first breakfast is egg white mix with avocado and some of alfalfa sprouts and some wheat toast. You will need :

Breakfast #1
Wheat Toast
Boiled Egg Whites
Half Avocado
Alfalfa Sprouts

First thing i will do is take one piece of bread and put it into the toaster. Separate the white part of egg from the yolk then cut them into little pieces. And now take a half of avocado and remove the seed and mix the avocado with egg white. And now put all of these onto a piece of toast and on top, I put alfalfa sprouts. You can add hot sauce on top of them. Of course, you will have some fruits, apple, and orange.

Next I have a really easy breakfast. It will literally take you 1 minute to make. What you need are:

Breakfast #2
Brown Rice – Rice Cakes
Peanut Butter or Almond Butter
Half a Banana

Take brown rice- and spread the peanut butter, you can use almond butter which is healthier. I am going to use half a banana and going to cut it into little pieces and then put them on top of peanut putter. And the last thing to do is sprinkle cinnamon on top of it. It is really easy.

Next is my favorite breakfast. What you will need are:

Breakfast #3
02 Sliced Wheat Toast
Some Turkey Bacon
01 Slice of Cheese
01 Sliced Turkey Breast
A little bit of Spinach
Half an avocado
02 Egg Whites
01 Tomato

First, I will heat my pan and add olive oil, throw my egg whites. After that I will use the same pan cook my turkey bacon, for that I will not add any oil or butter or anything like that. And then I cut onion, tomato, avocado into little pieces. It is time to a sandwich. I put cheese on the toast first, then turkey breast, egg white mixture, tomato, avocado, spinach, turkey bacon. Place them all in a sandwich maker. I promise you can make it at home and it will quickly become your favorite breakfast.

Let’s move on some yummy food which is protein pancake. The ingredients you will need are:

Breakfast #4
1/2 Cup of Milk
2 Scoops of Protein Powder
Walnut & Dates Oatmeal
2 Egg Whites
First, I will pour half a cup of milk into my little blender and then I put 2 scoops of whey protein and then I will put in instant oatmeal, half a banana and my egg whites. For the pancake, I will use organic coconut oil; this is really healthy for you and also gives the pancake lots of flavor. I will slice some strawberries and put it on top of the pancake. The pancakes are all done, I will add the strawberries and some shredded coconut flakes and instead of syrup, I will add some organic honey on top and it tastes really good.

Now moving on to a yummy smoothie and the ingredients you need are:

Breakfast #5
01 Cup of Milk
01 Big Table Spoon Of Peanut Butter
Chia Seeds

I will pour one cup of milk into a blender, put handful of almonds and some walnuts, a half of banana and 1tps of peanut butter and some chia seeds. I will mix them all together and add some cinnamon on top.

This is the end of this article. Let me know if you enjoy this information and if you want to know more information like this such as lunch ideas, dinner ideas, please leave a comment here and also don’t forget to share this article. If you do make any of these breakfast to lose weight and gain muscle, let me know how you like them and what your result is. Thank you for reading!