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What to Eat to Lose Weight

How is your eating habit going? I hope you are seeing some tips in this website. And what I will tell you in this article is my meal plan for a day as well as foods that help you lose weight. This is really for you to have ideas of what I eat, what time I eat, how often I eat, and portion size as well as calories counting in a meal.

what to eat to lose weight

You don’t have to follow my meal plan but this is really just a guideline for you to eat healthy, lose weight as well as to maintain your weight. The importance is you love your food, love what you eat, and not feel like you are being restricted. Always remember to try to keep 80% of the food in a day healthy, and 20% you can mix it up with something that you like but don’t go overboard. So let’s see what I eat in a day.

After waking up in the breakfast time, I always have my breakfast within one hour to wake me up. If my breakfast is wrong, my whole day is ruined. Now I am going to show you what I have most days. It is very simple but it keeps me going and it keeps me energized.

What’s for breakfast? (8 AM)

  • One whole egg (Medium) – 80 Cals
  • Raspberry Jam Spread – 30 Cals
  • One whole grain toast (Thick Slide) – 125 Cals
  • Green tea – 0 Cals (or Coffee is you prefer)
  • One Piece of Fruit – 40 Cals

–> Total Cals – 275 Cals

That’s my breakfast

That’s my breakfast

That’s my breakfast. I decide to slide it into half. One half I spread it with jam and another half I top it with an egg. It is full of protein and carbs. Also I usually have a piece of fruit in the morning. It doesn’t have to be an orange, it can be an apple, can be anything that you like. It is just so refreshing and it’s really nice to have fruit in the morning. I am going to have a breakfast now and I am going to head to the gym soon.

In the gym working my butt out for an hour and I am back hungry!!!

In the snap time, I am just got back from the gym, I am feeling a little bit hungry and I am going to make myself something quick. It is banana smoothie, it is really simple, only two ingredients: banana and milk. I am going to blend them up. It is really simple, healthy and delicious.

What’s for snack? (11AM) Banana Smoothie

  • 02 whole medium bananas – 180 cals
  • Slided and frozen the day before
  • 250 ml of Semi-skimmed milk – 120 cals
  • Option: Soy milk if you prefer
  • –> Total Cals: 300 Cals

It’s lunch time now. Because I am in rush today and I have to go on a meeting later on. I am gonna cook something that’s really quick, simple and healthy foods that help you lose weight. What I prepare now is too simple, it’s Tuna Sandwich. But it’s pretty healthy because it’s full of protein and delicious. Let’s see how I do it

What’s for lunch? (2 PM)

  • Sandwich bread – 100 Cals
  • Half can of tuna – 80 Cals
  • 100g of Grilled Vegetables – 40 Cals
  • 30g Grated low fat cheese – 40 Cals
  • 25g of Tomato Sauce – 80 Cals
  • Option: Any other sauce that you prefer.
  • –> Total Cals: 340 Cals

That is my very simple and healthy lunch

That is my very simple and healthy lunch

That is my very simple and healthy lunch. I got protein within my tuna; I got my carbs within my bread and fiber and carbs as well within vegetables. A little bit of fat which make the food more delicious is in my low fat cheese. It takes me less than 5 minutes. It’s pretty good for a quick lunch. Don’t say you don’t have time because it’s really simple.

After, coming back home from work, I am going to prepare a reasonable dinner.

What’s for dinner? (8 PM)

  • Medium Grilled Salmon – 110 Cals
  • 100 g Lightly Stir – fried Vegetables – 50 Cals
  • Half cup of Brown Rice – 70 Cals
  • Cranberry Sauce – 40 Cals
  • A piece of fruit – 40 Cals
  • –> Total Cals: 320 Cals

That’s my dinner tonight, very easy, very simple, and very quick but it smells good

That’s my dinner tonight, very easy, very simple, and very quick but it smells good

I got grilled salmon; I like to grill my food because I don’t have to do the chop. It would be done within 5 to 10 minutes. I top it with a little bit of cranberry sauce. In addition, I have lightly stir-fried vegetables and corns, also a half cup of brown rice and not forgetting my fruit. I also got one orange in my meal. That’s my dinner tonight, very easy, very simple, and very quick but it smells good.

That is pretty a small portion but frequently so don’t say you don’t have time but all meal I have done today is all simple and quick foods that help you lose weight. And also what I tend to do is more food, extra food basically for the next day if I know for example I have a busy day tomorrow, tend to prepare extra food so that I don’t have to do the cooking again today and that’s usually what I do to avoid grabbing and buying from outside and don’t know what go in to the food. In a day, you don’t have to stick to one kind of food; you can change for another source of protein for example lean meat, tofu, or anything containing protein but not processed foods.

I hope you learn something from my eating habits