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Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Hi everybody!
Why can’t we lose weight? We try so hard, but it is not that easy to give up those comfort foods. Those comfort foods are more than just a delicious dish, but its those extra calories that add up, and add up fast.

Could this be just a bad habit? Probably, women we love our sweet chocolate snacks, and men love their salty snacks and a few extra calories from a cold beer as well.

Why You Can't Lose Weight

What triggers this? Is this just an addiction? Food is a comfort, just like alcohol or smoking. They are addictions, and not easy to give up because that involves life change. We may enjoy waking up in the morning and having a hot cup of coffee with a buttered bagel or muffin verses a fruit cup and a glass of water to get the day going. Carbohydrates our bodies need, but some of us over indulge. To answer the question, yes it is an addiction. If we need to quit smoking or drinking alcohol our body is going to crave the nicotine, because it makes us feel good, the alcohol makes us feel good, so does food, it is no different.

Why You Can't Lose Weight

The most important factor for you is going to be motivation, self-discipline and will power. If your a cereal person or a carbs person, get rid of the bagels, english muffins, and blueberry muffins. Go out and pick out three different cereals, all healthy of course. Special K now makes a chocolate cereal, healthy and helps with the sweet tooth craving. Have your coffee, minus the sugar or use a sugar substitute and have a bowl of cereal with lowfat or fat free milk. Your still satisfying your appetite and getting rid of all the extra calories. Now you need to do this with lunch and dinner time meals too. Try eating popcorn or pretzels if you have a snickering for a salty snack, its healthier and less fattening than potatoe chips or doritos. Sweet tooth time, try lowfat or fat free candies, as well as hard candies. Yogurt, is another great choice if you feel like having something sweet or a snack size cup of fat free jello or fat free pudding. Just by changing a few items on your menu, this will help you lose weight.

Why You Can't Lose Weight

Another question to ask yourself, why do you want to lose weight? Is it for medical reasons, or just to look and feel better. Whichever the answer make sure your doing this because you want to. It is a much easier task to lose weight because you want to do it for you. Never lose weight because your friends or boyfriend wants you to. Whenever you need to break a bad habit or addiction, it has to be for you and only you.